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tv   [untitled]    March 20, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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[unintelligible] president chiu: could you please turn me in the pledge of allegiance? "i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it
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stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." colleagues, we have copies of the minutes. could we have a motion to approve? without objection, this meeting minutes are approved. are there any communications? >> i have no communications. president chiu: if you could read the consent agenda. >> these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. if a member -- requests discussion it shall be removed and considered separately. president chiu: would anyone like to sever any of these items? will call? >> supervisor olague, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. it supervisor campos, aye. president chiu, aye.
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supervisor elsbernd, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. president chiu: those ordinances are passed and adopted. item five. >> amending the city code to establish city count -- city participation in federal counterterrorism activities. supervisor kim: i would like to continue to this -- to the full board next tuesday to allow discussions with a police department at the mayor's office. also we do not have the full board today. i thought it would be more appropriate to continue to next week. president chiu: seconded by supervisor olague, can we take this to continue without objection? without objection, that shall be the case. >> item 6.
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>> appropriating $1 million for the small business revolving loan fund program for fiscal year 2011 and 2012, placing $500,000 on budget and finance committee reserve pending an update. president chiu: roll-call vote. >> supervisor olague, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor chiu, aye. supervisor elsbernd, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mark, aye. there are eight ayes. president chiu: next item. >> authorizing the department of public health to accept and expend a federal pass-through state grant for the department of public health to participate
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in nurse family partnership. president chiu: same house, same call? this item is adopted. next item. >> resolution authorizing the san francisco department of public health to accept and expend a state grant from the department of rehabilitation to participate in a program entitled state -- state vocational rehab services program. president chiu: same house, same call? next item. item nine. >> retroactively authorizing the department of emergency management to enter into the ninth amendment of an agreement between the city and county of san francisco. president chiu: same house, same call? item is adopted. next item. >> authorizing the recreation and parks department to accept and expend an urban ingraining grant. president chiu: same house, same call?
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this item is adopted. item 11. >> granting revocable permission to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district to occupation -- occupy portions of the public right of way to exist -- replace existing bus stop signs and install and maintain new bus stop signs. president chiu: same house, same call? as accepted. we do not have any 3:30 p.m. special orders. if we could go now to roll call. >> supervisor olague, your first for introductions. supervisor olague: i have a request. expanding the policy for state and public employees statewide. the assembly bill would authorize a local agency to consider an applicant's criminal history after the qualifications
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have been screened and the agency has determined the applicant meets the minimum employment requirements. traditionally, we see that people of color are disproportionately impacted by criminal background checks in employment. the bill requires a strong nexus between an applicant's criminal history and the specific duties and responsibilities of a given position. this bill will help eliminate barriers to employment in the public sector for people with criminal backgrounds and is in line with current policies practiced by the city and county with -- of san francisco. two, a resolution urging the mayor and city departments to prioritize youth employment during business negotiations. with the job rate at its lowest point in more than 60 years, and 33% of the city's youth being officially unemployed, the youth commission like many other cities and community stakeholders has been focusing
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on youth employment. for example, the youth commission has worked with my colleagues, supervisor elsbernd on legislation and on march 5, 2012, the youth commission adopt a resolution calling and city leaders to prioritize youth employment in future business or been negotiation. like the america's cup, and/or the tenderloin payroll tax exclusion or twitter tax break as it is commonly known. by having city departments include user involvement plans -- youth involvement plans like that of the america's cup. i am introducing a similar resolution that calls on the mayor and city departments to include substandard of u.s. involvement plans with -- youth involvement plans and negotiation in which the city is involved. finally, it has been requested by members of the community that
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we hold a hearing to request presentations from the department of public works regarding impact of trash and recycle bin scavenging and the solutions to prevent a situation in both residential and commercial neighborhoods. the gold dust, i am planning -- working with the planning department and other interested parties. i should have something to offer regarding this. for those members of the public who were wondering, it is not a closed issue here. we're still in conversation with those parties that are affected. >> thank you. supervisor elsbernd. supervisor campos. supervisor campos: thank you. i have one item. i want to thank supervisor is a lobby and -- olague and kim. in recognizing international --
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an international day and lowering the flags. the rest i submit. >> supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: a couple of items for introduction. one is an item for our imperative agenda. that is declaring march professional social work month. and i bring it forward as a still practicing social worker. i got my social work degree, my ms w from san francisco state university and i have used it in different community settings and i have relationships with other social workers across the bay area who are engaged in and doing a lot of work, one on work 0-- one work. it is important we honor our
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very difficult profession that faces many challenges in terms of how we keep ourselves in good spirits, often facing people with very troubling lives, very troubled lives, helping to make good choices with their lives. i want to make sure we can honor the work of the social workers with our resolution today on the imperative agenda. i also have a resolution i am submitting with several co- sponsors including supervisors olague, kim, campos, president chiu. the resolution is urging the mayor to direct our city lobbyist to support the california homeowner bill of rights, also supporting the call for the suspension of foreclosures of loans controlled
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by fannie mae and freddie mac and to provide for a principal reduction to keep families in their homes. a resolution also urges all city and county officials and departments to work proactively to insure that san francisco residents do not fall victim to unlawful foreclosure practices and most importantly, is calling on banks, especially wells fargo, to suspend foreclosure activities until such time the state and federal measures are in place to protect homeowners from unfair and unlawful practices. i come to this -- work on this legislation with many community groups from across san francisco. there is the california air with reinvestment coalition, residents from our different districts, and we are facing a crisis even here in san francisco. it has now -- not always been recognized we have a foreclosure crisis. often in california we talk about the central valley as having a crisis in foreclosures
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but there aretwo but -- there are to be together district and neighborhoods that have a high level of foreclosures, district 10 in district 11. we also have lots of foreclosures that happened throughout our city. there is the occupy movement responding to many closures in bernal, condo owners are facing foreclosures. we have had many reports from community groups and government agencies that have documented real concerns and real troubles with banks and their predatory practices, banks have not been doing their due diligence to help homeowners and households to modify their loans to prevent foreclosures. often we see practices called dual tracking where bank is engaged in helping a household to modify a mortgage loan and at the same time, moving forward with foreclosure proceedings
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that get done without the household, homeowner knowing about it until it is too late. we have issues of predatory lending, practices where paperwork is automatically performed en masse in our banks, homeowners do not have enough protections in place to be able to hold onto their property. for many working people, our property is our wealth. in districts 10 and 11 we do not have a lot of people who are millionaires. we do not have a lot of people who have stock. there are some of us who do. i do not have any stock. our wealth is in our homes and when we see our home the use decline and the rise of foreclosures, we're seeing our neighborhoods lose our wealth and when we see our homes go into foreclosure, we're losing the thing that helps protect our families against real poverty. and so we need to take action as a city. and the first initial action i think we can take is working on a resolution like this that --
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it isn't urging resolution but tied to a lot of people working in our neighborhoods to fight against foreclosures and that work together supporting their efforts in our neighborhoods combined with the recognition -- resolution provides hope for people to come forward and to continue to hold that banks need to be more transparent and accountable to people who want to have a future for our children, one that can guarantee we can have property or education or health care that are often paid for with our homes. i want to thank my colleagues for cosponsoring this legislation -- to resolution. this will be heard in land use committee along with a hearing on the foreclosure study as well and we will have a thorough discussion. i am hoping the attorney general's office could participate as well. there is a lot to share about what is happening at the state level and what the impact can be locally.
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we can explore the hearings, what we can do as the city, what options and discretion we might have to be able to support households against foreclosures, what ways we can use our leverage, leverage our resources to prevent those from happening and hold the bank's more accountable. >> thank you. supervisor mar. supervisor mar: thank you. i wanted to thank the organizations in standing with never did like bernal heights -- neighborhoods like burdo heights. we do everything we can to prevent foreclosures and hold banks accountable. i want to acknowledge the social worker -- long time social worker and a friend of mine have -- has passed away, left us peacefully on march 1 with his
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family by his side in san bruno. he was a richmond district resident and his mother was a longtime resident of the richmond district as well. he courageously battling brain cancer for the second time in his life. he was born in japan and move to san francisco as a child. prior to moving, he had with his wife lived on fifth avenue in the richmond district and at 17th avenue. he was always as city person and enjoyed walking to places until recently. his mother was a longtime resident also of the richmond district. she had a home child-care business on fourth avenue. now the twitter service center. he leaves behind his wife, susan, of 17 and a half years of -- and his beautiful children. his mother, his sister, and her husband david and their daughter.
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his mother and her mother-in- law, his brother-in-law, and others. he graduated from sacred heart high school in san francisco and received his bachelor's degree and a master's in counseling. i met him there through the asian student union where i was more of the political side of the organization and he supported the well-rounded tight organization that was social and political back in 1984. he taught me a lot about community. i can never go to the street here again without thinking about him and all our friends there but also an old club lounge, j.j. parsons and others may know about the lounge that played -- the lounge and there. i do not think -- i will always remember him doing the electric slide on the floor of the lounge, such great oldies always
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being played by pulse and other groups. he was a participant in organizations, the japantown community youth center. he was a strong supporter of many community institutions. he also was very supportive in his -- in the first role at a counseling center and became an academic adviser at uc-berkeley where he was employed for 20 years. he was an s.f. giants fan and enjoyed collecting and selling sports cards and having boy's' night out with his buddies. he was a great dancer and he passed this on to his children. he is known for his sense of humor, his huge heart, and his
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gregarious nature. for everyone who knows him, you know what we are talking about. he could warm-up or room that was freezing cold with one smile and a joke. and the friends he had were friends for life like me. he will be remembered for his jokes, his knowledge of sports and music facts and breaking out into the electric slide on the dance floor. his biggest pride and joy were her fun-loving children. who adored him immensely. in lieu of flowers, the family asks donations be made to the family trust. the celebration was held at skyline earlier this month. i want to express my deepest condolences to the family. he was an amazing person and i really miss him. thank you. my next couple of items, i wanted to say first, colleagues, san francisco is lucky to have a world class arboretum in golden gate park. it has been run by the recreation and parks department and the san francisco botanical
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garden society. the botanical garden society has offered to donate to the city and county of san francisco the design and construction of a brand new nursery as a gift in place valued at $40 million and this nursery will replace the existing nursery and will become the hub of the botanical gardens plant propagation and plant collection management. all uses of the nursery will be to further the mission and purpose of the botanical garden, including cultivating support for the botanical garden and a bond between the people in the plants. i also wanted to see -- to thank supervisor christina olague and supervisor common to -- carmen chu. the management staff and the rec and parks artist-as well as -- rec and pa


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